Why I’ve been volunteering for AEPC for 3 years

As a 23 year old without kids, and therefore never going to a CBE class, some people wonder why I would volunteer with a Parents Centre. Many of our volunteers are parents or grandparents, and have been through the courses themselves, which make them want to give back to our charity. 

Well, I’ll admit, when I first joined Auckland East Parents Centre, I was in my final year at university, and looking for something to make my CV look good. Charity work always looks great on your CV, and it’s very hard to get marketing experience as a uni student.

So, it wasn’t really a noble crusade that led me to the doors of AEPC, however I’ve been here 3 years already, and have no plans of leaving! The reason I’ve stayed so long, is that I love the group I get to work alongside, and the different ways I can apply myself. I feel as much attached to AEPC as I feel I would if I had been through the courses myself.

We always have a great rapport at monthly meetings, and we get to meet much of the wider East Auckland Community. It’s a great way to get out and meet a variety of people I otherwise might not have had the chance to get to know, and this is the reason I’ve stayed here for so long. 

If you’re thinking of volunteering, I can highly recommend our little charity, as we’re a tight knit group that gets along like a house on fire, and you’ll have countless opportunities to get involved with your community and bolster your CV.

Morgan McGregor