Childbirth Education Package OCT

Childbirth Education Package OCT


This is a holistic course designed to prepare parents to be mentally, physically, and emotionally ready for both labour, birth and early parenting days so that they can look forward to a more informed and satisfying childbirth and parenting experience. The sessions are tutored by a Childbirth Educator who is a trained health professional with a tertiary qualification to teach all aspects of pregnancy, birth and parenting.

The course includes:

  • – Information on normal labour and birthing

  • – Support and relaxation skills

  • – Making informed decisions

  • – Normal newborn behaviour

  • – Changes in family relationships

  • – Breastfeeding

  • – Early days at home with a new baby

  • – Fathers-only session for dads-to-be

Parents Centre has a proud tradition of establishing long-lasting and supportive coffee groups and a course liaison is allocated to each class to facilitate this.  You will join a Facebook coffee group for your course before the first session.  We also organise one social occasion during the course, and one at the end of the course to help get your coffee group off to a great start.

Our courses are run throughout the year, these are evening sessions over 7 nights (7pm – 9:30pm). There will be breaks and refreshments will be served.

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Sample Course Outline for evening courses:

Night One: Introductions, Group Expectations, Informed Decision Making, Late Pregnancy, Anatomy 101

Night Two:  Normal Labour (Stages & Hormones), Working With Pain in Labour, Self Help Pain Relief, Waterbirth DVD, Massage

Night Three: What to take to Hospital, Interventions, Waterbirth DVD, Support Persons’ Role, Labour Positions, car seat safety

Night Four: Medical Pain Relief, Wombside Vs Worldside, Infant Health, Normal Newborn Appearance

Night Five: Normal Newborn Behaviour, Breastfeeding (Physiology, Anatomy, Latching, Positioning, Challenges)

Night Six: Why do Babies Cry (Settling Techniques), Safe Sleep, Post Natal Scenarios (including Split Group Session), Car Seat Safety

Night Seven: New Parents Panel (including Baby Bathing Demonstration), Dressing / Nappies / Swaddling, SHARED SUPPER

Baby & You Course:

Baby & You is a relaxed and supportive four session coffee group for parents with babies aged up to around 3 months old.  All babies are welcome and you attend to their needs for sleeping, feeding, changing, etc while listening to our experienced course facilitator. There is plenty of opportunity for asking questions and discussing topics specific to the needs of the group.  Each session is two hours with refreshments.

Overview of course contents:

  • – Baby development, brain development/movement, growing a happy/confident child

  • – Feeding, reading baby’s cues, different behaviours of breast and formula fed babies, coping with difficulties

  • – Sleeping and settling

  • – Adjusting to motherhood, changes in expectations, normalizing the experience, self-care strategies

  • – Intro into baby massage and post natal exercises for mum

  • – First aid and CPR for infants/young children

Refund policy: A minimum of four weeks’ notice is required if you wish to withdraw. A $25 administration fee will be deducted from your refund. If less than four weeks’ notice is given, no refund will be issued unless there are special circumstances.